Getting Started

Here’s how to get started with Poole.

Login with your Github User

It was challenging, but Poole supports OAuth. I think it’s very important to use OAuth over Basic Authentication, since Github data can be very sensible and no one wants to risk getting his password sniffed.


Browse Repositories

This is the landing page, it gives you all the repositories you have access to. If a Jekyll site has multiple branches, you are prompted to select your desired branch, otherwise, you jump into the repo directly.


Browsing Posts

Once you have selected a repository, you can browse your posts and sub-folders in a traditional file-browser-ish manner. You can create new files here as well, which immediately opens an empty document for you, which you can save after populating it with some text.


Edit Posts

We use CodeMirror, a great software that makes browser-based editing a pleasure (the first time). Compared to a regular textarea, which has an annoying inline scoller this is a huge step forward I think.



You can instantly preview your writing by either clicking the preview icon at the document menu bar, or use that fance keyboard combo ctrl+shift+p to toggle Preview on and off.



Once you are ready, you can easily publish your article, which lets it show up on the actual webpage/blog.



Take full control about your post, and edit Metadata aka the YAML frontmatter. No limitations.


Posted by Michael on June 15, 2012